In collaboration with The National Gallery of Iceland The Icelandic Flute Ensemble conducts a lunch-time concert series in The National Gallery. The concerts take place the last Friday of each month the IFE performs chamber music programs of diverse styles. Admission is free of charge.

The repertoire consists of all variations of flute chamber music, from solo flute to combinations with other instruments as for example cello or guitar. Andrými í litum og tónum means literally "A space to breathe in colors and music“ and the concept is to give individuals a chance to experience a relaxing moment of conversation between art and music.

"We have to reclaim time itself, wrenching it from the "time is money" maximum efficiency and make room for it to flow the other way - towards us.

We must take time back into ourselves to let our consciousness breathe and our cluttered minds be still and silent. This is what art can do and what museums can be in today's world."

- Bill Viola